Safe and Careful Administration of General Anesthesia for Children

At Bayou Children's Dental Center, we collaborate closely with professional anesthesiologists who hold MD degrees at two esteemed hospitals: Gulf Coast Surgical Center and Ochsner Health Center. This ensures that your child receives the necessary general anesthesia for specific pediatric dental procedures. Our experienced dental professionals oversee the procedure, ensuring your child's comfort and safety throughout.

Understanding General Anesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry

General anesthesia is used in pediatric dentistry to help children who cannot undergo dental procedures in a conventional manner. This may be due to high levels of anxiety, young age, special needs, or the complexity of the treatment. Under general anesthesia, your child will be asleep and pain-free throughout the procedure.

When is General Anesthesia Recommended for Children?

General anesthesia may be recommended in situations such as:

  • Extensive dental work that requires a long duration
  • Patients with special healthcare needs
  • Children who are too young to be able to cooperate

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