What are Space Maintainers?

Space Maintainers are dental devices designed to preserve the space left by a prematurely lost baby tooth. They help prevent future orthodontic issues by ensuring that permanent teeth have the necessary space to erupt correctly. These custom-made appliances are typically crafted from stainless steel or plastic and are positioned in the mouth to maintain tooth alignment.

Why would Space Maintainers be needed?

Space Maintainers are needed for various crucial reasons:

  • Prevent Crowding: When a baby tooth is lost prematurely due to decay or injury, adjacent teeth tend to drift into the empty space. This can result in overcrowding, misalignment, or impaction of permanent teeth, potentially leading to orthodontic problems.
  • Maintain Bite: Space Maintainers help preserve the proper bite, ensuring that your child's teeth come together correctly, which is essential for effective chewing and a balanced smile.
  • Avoid Complex Orthodontic Treatment: By preserving space and guiding permanent teeth into their designated positions, Space Maintainers can reduce the need for more extensive and expensive orthodontic treatment in the future.

Who would be a candidate for Space Maintainers?

Candidates for Space Maintainers typically include children and young adolescents who have lost baby teeth prematurely. Common scenarios where Space Maintainers may be recommended include:

  • Early loss of baby teeth due to decay or injury
  • Delays in permanent tooth eruption
  • Overcrowding and misalignment concerns
  • Instances where the dentist anticipates future orthodontic issues due to space loss

The suitability for Space Maintainers is assessed by a qualified pediatric dentist or orthodontist after a comprehensive evaluation.

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